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Break the Internal Communications Silos

Improve internal communications with Cyrano's secure cloud-based video platform. Cyrano gives you all the tools to create a videocentric enterprise so that your meetings, presentations, team updates, training videos and messages are stored for your team to access on their terms.

  • Engage with video

    Know what to say and when to say it with on point messaging.

    From shoutouts, welcome messages, and birthday wishes, to team updates and new product specs, your employees will love the personal touch only video can provide. Custom scripts for recording content are delivered to leaders and then sent directly to employees to ensure that messages stay relevant.

  • Bridge the
    relationship gap

    Deliver meaningful and relevant messages with the help of our virtual communications coach.

    With Cyrano as your tool, know when and how to address your audience with messages that are crafted for your needs. Set your content creation engine to auto-pilot and let Cyrano utilize your employee data to develop personal or team messages that are succinct while still engaging. Cyrano fuels internal communication resources to meet their purpose: adding real value to your strategic initiatives.

  • Humanize
    your leadership

    Step out from behind the podium and connect to your team.

    Millennials respond to video in the workplace. They expect more frequent and informal communication from their leaders while still forging a personal relationship. Let Cyrano connect your team, allowing you to get more out of your most vital resource: people.

  • Reach your audience
    on their terms

    Fuel productivity with On-Demand video messaging.

    Everyone loves the idea of going live with video, except your audience. With multiple time zones, face to face meetings are logistical nightmares. Cyrano eliminates the need to reschedule. Allow your audience to consume your valuable content on their time, giving them the opportunity to be as engaged as possible.

  • Search all your video content, even dialogue

    Convert all of your video assets into searchable and actionable information.

    With Cyrano, bulk upload all of your internal video/audio assets and instantly have a searchable content database at your employees' fingertips full of valuable information you curated. Every audio and video file is 'parsed' by Cyrano's advanced AI and search engine, converting every word into an even more valuable text resource.

  • Maximize
    your investment

    Put your content to work with Cyrano's Video Platform.

    You are already spending money on creating content; the industry average for a minute of video is $3500. What you should be spending on is measuring that minute's success.

    With Cyrano granting you the ability to see who is watching and reacting to your content, measure the effectiveness of your message to ensure that programs are delivered at the optimum time to grasp your audience's full potential.

  • Invigorate your
    video engagement

    Supercharge your communication and training strategy.

    Strategic enterprise video communication is critical for any organization with a young, diverse, and/or distributed workforce. The human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. Since humans tend to avoid cognitive strain, video is the perfect medium to connect. Video can deliver humor better than an image alone and in most cases can explain complex topics or present product features better than text. A video platform needs to provide insights in to what works and more importantly what does not work at individual, departmental, regional, and organizational levels. Cyrano is designed ground up with this in mind. Add enterprise grade security and you get the perfect platform to build your enterprise video strategy.

The Cyrano Advantage

Cyrano gives your company the tools to accelerate productivity and engage everyone in your workspace.

No Need to Download

Cyrano is a cloud-based application, so there is no need to download content. Cyrano will not take up any space locally or on your servers.


Cyrano's powerful databases and cloud servers are configured to take on an infinite amount of users so that you can reach everyone you need.


With Cyrano, you can create an unlimited amount of channels to organize and categorize your content the way you deem fit.


With Cyrano, you can create an unlimited amount of programs to organize and categorize your content the way you deem fit.


Encrypted access and Cyrano’s secured storage system allows for worry-free sharing while you communicate internally. Feel better knowing that your content is not stored on any user device (desktop, web, or mobile) or taking up space on your servers. Cyrano makes storing your content safe and easy.


Cyrano is equipped with the most advanced AI to seamlessly convert every spoken word into text, providing you with dynamic, automatically generated closed captioning.


Cyrano’s enhanced content governance, retention, and enterprise content management workflows include automation for publishing and broadcasting as well as automated and dynamic content expiration/archiving rules. Cyrano gives program authors and administrators full control over which programs are shareable on social media. Cyrano can lock down programs, keeping them viewable inside the app only. This means every access to every piece of content is entirely auditable.


Watch or record securely from anywhere on any device. Cyrano was designed ground up with mobile in mind. Record on any device, with any software, in any format, and watch your content publish seamlessly on all platforms. Even more easily, record in Cyrano directly using our ‘Quick Record’ feature. Videos can be big. Let Cyrano handle delivering your large video files so your communications team can focus on what really matters. Cyrano scales with you to ensure no one is left out of important messages.

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