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Make Your Company the Best Place to Work

Always Know What to Say

Companies that make a Best Place to Work list are exceptional at Leadership Communications. From company news and announcements, to employee recognition and department updates, Cyrano's Video Communications Platform is designed to improve employee engagement and better align the organization to its mission and vision.

Know How to Say It

Surveys show that employees are tired of emails and meetings. While it is critical that Leadership be seen and heard from daily, employees want information delivered on demand. Video is the most effective communication medium for explaining complicated ideas and expressing emotion.

Know When to Say It

When it comes to Leadership Communications, timing is everything! Cyrano uses employee data to schedule pre-written messages for leaders to record. From "Welcome to the Company" messages for new hires on their first day to "Thanks for 20 years of Service" on work anniversaries, you will never forget to celebrate your employees’ special days.

Know Who to Say it to

Bridging the relationship gap between leaders and employees improves productivity and engagement. Cyrano lets leaders and employees tell their stories, share their ideas, skills and talents for the betterment of the entire organization.

Copyright © 2017 Cyrano Systems, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2017 Cyrano Systems, LLC. All rights reserved.